Influx of New Citizens!

© 2004 Royal Kingdom of Gotzborg. All Rights Reserved. Originally published in The Gotzborg Eagle, reproduced under license to Sinclair Publications.

Lonenberg (GP) – Over the past week, Gotzborg has been graced with four brand new citizens. Each of these individuals is new to Micronationalism, and bring with them a genesis of energy and fervor. It would certainly seem that the recruitment efforts of His Majesty the King of Gotzborg have been very successful.

Out of the four newcomers, we have a macronational law student, Mr. Ernest Wilde, who is hoping to be of use to Sir Robert Davis, KOE, with the King Charles II School of Law. Mr. Wilhelm von Mackensen has come to Gotzborg with the desire to join the Royal Navy and work within the government. Mr. Michael Smith wants to work within the Royal Army, and was recently awarded a Commission as Captain by His Royal Majesty; he is also working to create an Environmental Protection Group within Gotzborg for the preservation of our natural resources, and the edcuation of citizens. Our fourth, and newest citizen, Mr. Hamlin Hannibal Harte, has begun work on a new National Library! We are quite pleased with these latest additions to our beloved Gotzborg, and we extend a warm welcome to all who might have an interest in our unique, and proud Micronation.

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