Interest sought for micronational environment group

MICROWIKI (CS) – The micronation of Cyanocitta Cristata, founded to protest hydraulic fracking in the macronational State of Illinois, is seeking partners to expand its environmentalist agenda to the wider micronational community through the creation of the Inter-micronational Environmental Panel.

According to Cyanocitta Cristata President Tyler Thompson, the Panel would “revolve around … making the world a more sustainable place and helping each other achieve this goal through sharing of knowledge and setting benchmarks.” The Panel would not be a fully-fledged intermicronational governmental organization. Rather it would be a loose convention that would encourage individual member states to set and achieve their own goals with accountability, intellectual support and sharing of knowledge being provided through the Panel.

Several micronationalists have identified their interest in supporting the development of the Panel to date, including several pro-environment micronations; however, the unknown long-term viability of the effort (i.e. will it become a YAMO?) appears to be tempering the enthusiasm of some individuals. Senyan President Barnaby Hands noted that “[the Panel] sounds cool, but it just depends on who would actually be willing to work it through,” while the general tone of community discussion on the proposal suggest that an efficient, minimalist-bureaucracy approach is favoured for the Panel if it proceeds.

That hesitation has not dampened Thompson’s spirit or motivation to see his idea come to fruition. He has committed to drafting a founding document for the Panel, to be sent to interested parties for their scrutiny at a later date.

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