Interland considers its future

Last night, it was brought to the attention of many throughout the micronational world that the Tymarian government is considering dissolving its states into one national land. This consideration to “nationalize” Tymarian state territory would mean the effective end to those states, as well as their unique identities.

This possibility has concerned some citizens in Interland and last night, all Interlanders were called into a chat room to discuss how Interland should proceed to protect its identity from any type of nationalization. One of the suggestions that was most supported by the Interlanders was to bring Interland back to Lyrica and merge it into Lyrica as a state. This would accomplish two objectives: first, Lyrica would become active again, as it has been one of the most successful micronations of recent time, and second, Interland’s identity would be preserved from any future Tymarian nationalization of its states.

However, not all Interlanders supported this. Tristen Abbey was confused about the plan mainly, and Mark Buhr wishes that Lyrica remains dead. Last night, one of the last remaining active Interlanders, Liam Sinclair, opened a vote on the issue at the Tymarian Interland forum.

Shireoth was quick to offer Interland it full protection should it choose to secede from Tymaria. It is widely expected that Shireoth is on its way to leaving Tymaria as well as federal authorities have largely ignored the Shireoth buildup to nationhood, as it seems no one really cares about Shireoth anymore.

Elements of the Tymarian government today said that should nationalization go ahead (and it most likely will) the states will be given a choice to legally secede when the nationalization process begins. The leadership of Interland has yet to comment on this new revelation.

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