Intermicronational University Established

July 14th 2002

In establishing the Intermicronational University we hope that we can create an educational institution in which citizens from nations across the micro-world can go to achieve degrees recognised by nations right across the micro-globe.

Courses in subjects ranging from local histories and geographies to those of a more global scale. Cultures and customs, micronational politics and economics could all be learnt, taught by teachers from around the world.

The largest library in the micro-world will also be established to assist the students with their studies, and to unite in one place documents from nations, past and present, around the microworld in one place

The first campus of the university has been set up in Adelwin, Aerlig and we are inviting all micronations to become apart of this project. Relieve the burden on your own education system and provide your students with something they can use right across the micro-globe.

Have your own University you say? Why not become a campus of the Intermicronational University, teach your local classes locally and attract students to your nation.

Join today, just by recognising the University and its degrees as valid achievements, and help create a micro-global education system. Nations who choose to recognise the University will be offered a place on the University Board, who will set out to establish the rules for the governing of the university. No fee is involved to join.

For more information or to join contact or visit the University at

Lachlan Powers
Republic of Aerlig

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