International Military Expo underway in Attera

This week begins the Intermicronational Military Exposition and the Scheheradze Convention. So far, there has been a pretty good turn out, considering that the summer months usually sap up most of the activity of most micronations, and the possibility of a major distraction– war between Baracao and Shireoth.

The IME which is the brain-child of HIH Diga Makonnen IV, Imperial Ras of Attera and HH Ras William Yeh, has opened with the inclusion of 6 micronations of the English-speaking world. Scheheradze Palace, in Attera Proper, will be the location of the IME and Scheheradze Convention. Attending the event are the Atteran Federation, The United Republic of Tymaria, The Micronation of Pacary, The Republic of Baracao, The Commonwealth of Interland and the Kingdom of Morovia.

The IME and the convention are scheduled to last until December to take advantage of the fall boom in micronational activity. While micronations that wish to add a pavilion have until 1 August, there is word that this date may be extended to accommodate new micronations or those that may hear of the expo at a later date. So far in the convention, there has only been welcoming speeches and one on Micronational War by Lord Diga of Attera.

In his speech, Lord Diga has set the tone of the convention and has mentioned that the IME will certainly be a long term event, rather than a one time deal. The Imperial Ras also mentioned that the main issue of the Scheheradze Convention was to establish a “micronational Geneva Convention”, in the beginning, culminating with the abolition of micronational armies and micronational weapons of war within a time frame of 4 to 5 years.

What remains to be seen is whether the activity of the delegates will bring about an agreement that will be enforceable while also able to meet the final goal of micronational harmony and peace.

The Intermicronational Military Exposition page is located at and will continue to be on the website until the next convention next year at a location to be decided by the delegates.

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