July Election Hits Major Snag

The July 2004 Prime Ministerial election hit a major barrier today when it was made known to the government that the two candidates for the election, Ras Dornan and Ras Klosso, do not meet the constitutional requirement to hold the position of Prime Minister. The current constitution states that no person who has been an Atteran for less than four months may be Prime Minister. A motion has been made in the Grand Executive Council to use its constitutional amending powers to temporarily nullify the conflicting article of the constitution so that both candidates may run in the election.

The Third Crimson Constitution was designed during a time when all Atterans were veterans of the nation and a large number were still active, thus allowing the nation to always have a Prime Ministerial candidate who was a long term and experienced Atteran citizen. With the recent influx of immigrants to the Empire in the past couple of weeks, and the veteran citizens now limited to just three, Ras Sinclair, Ras Dreesbach, and Emperor Tzion I, all of whom have no intention of running the Prime Minister’s Office after Sinclair’s retirement, it has become necessary to amend the constitution. A permanent amendment, which would be done via a bill presented to the Council, will not happen though as the Third Crimson Constitution is scheduled to be replaced at the end of July, right in the middle of the national election and just two weeks before the Tenth Imperial Government is sworn in on 14 August 2004.

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