KATO Ambassador: Washburn Declares Amerada Dead

In a conversation with the Ambassador from Kato to Amerada (Ka Najè), President Washburn finally declared Amerada officially dead. The nation has been mainly inactive for months and this finally puts what we all suspected to rest. Amerada celebrated its first birthday in February and even then it was dead. Only Washburn was active on the government side in recent months and once the opposition decided to give up on Amerada since Dictator Washburn wouldn’t even let their leaders run for the executive, Amerada went dead. The opposition members, Nick Bridgewater, Peter Little, and Liam Sinclair were the ones that allowed Amerada to survive past October 2001 – all three lost interest in late 2001 because the opposition was severely restricted in the Amerada Dictatorship. After hearing these allegations, President Washburn downplayed the situation saying Amerada is flourishing offline – in other words, it is dead, since the only interested people offline are the President and his Prime Minister, Mr. McCullough.

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