KATO faces turmoil, uncertainty

KATO, a nation famous for its excellent websites, and its neutrality, is facing a crisis – one which will decide the fate of the nation.
An official within KATO said that the nation has become factionalized and that negotiations between the factions to resolve the situation have so far proved useless. The official went on to say that because of the infighting, the government has collapsed. Two of the major issues are the role of the Monarchy and currency. Many of the factions see the monarchy as not being interested in the nation.

The Common Ground between the factions is unacceptable to many of them, as the only common ground would send KATO to the grave.

In order to save the nation, some citizens are planning a radical restructuring that would make KATO into a republic, getting rid of the Emperor. Some have suggested that KATO, which is mainly a community of people in British Columbia, become a more online nation and attempt to find new blood. Becoming a more online nation would also allow the many citizens who are not in the British Columbia area to participate more in KATO affairs. However, many of the nobles are reserved to the idea of an online government and legislative system that is common to micronations in this sector.

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