KATO Senate Organizes

KATO may have asked the micronation known as Komai, for admission into that nation, according to a comment made by Komai’s leader. The rejection of Komai to this proposal, with Komai being the closest ally of KATO, shows the lack of trust of foreign governments in the stability of KATO. However, KATO has now started to take steps to stabilize it.

The KATO Senate idea, proposed as a part of the revitalization plan turning KATO from a monarchy to a republic, has taken hold. The Senate will consist of 10 seats, divided proportionally between parties in an election. Such an election has occurred and the Katoian Confederation Party will hold 5 seats in the new Senate. The Senate is divided up into real-world geographical locations where KATO citizens live.

The nation seems to be getting its act back together, with Prince Ka Najè describing the situation as “calmer” than it has been for the past couple of weeks. A new make-shift website has also been uploaded.

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