King Nicholas abdicates; New Worcestor Kingdom falls

The New Worcestor Kingdom was hit with a painful announcement today by the King Regent, Prince Adam of Corumburg. The King Regent announced that His Majesty, King Nicholas I had abdicated the throne. The King did so without an official decree, simply stating to the Regent that he was now the King of New Worcestor.

The abdication has caused the fall of the New Worcestor Kingdom as an independent nation, as the now King Adam announced that, effective immediately, New Worcestor will become a part of the new Empire of Corumburg. The King announced that despite the merger of Corumburg and New Worcestor, both will still retain their distinct cultures and identities.

The government of the Empire of Corumburg will apparently be similar to Austria-Hungary in respect that there will be no Prime Minister in Corumburg, however, there will be one in New Worcestor to act as liaison between King Adam and the people of New Worcestor. King Adam will be crowned as Emperor of the Empire of Corumburg on July 01/2003.

The lack of an official decree by King Nicholas announcing his abdication has made some citizens suspicious of the announcement by the King Regent. Full support for the King Regent is not expected until the time when King Nicholas officially announces his abdication, if ever.

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