King Nicholas Clarifies his abdication. Prince caught in a lie.

King Nicholas I of the New Worcestor Kingdom today notified the micronational world that the supposed declaration of his abdication had been falsified by the King Regent, Prince Adam. This marks the first time that a coup attempt has taken place in the micronational world. The King made the following statement to LOSS:

This message from the leader of Corumburg is not accurate.

The New Worcester Kingdom remains independent and I remain its King.
I did NOT abdicate, as alledged.

This incident requires some explanation from the Prince of
Corumburg, who was made Regent in my temporary absence. I am
surprised to find that not only does he say that I abdicated, which
I did not do, but he has tried to merge his micronation with mine
into an “Empire” while he knows that I would be absent for a limited
period of time. I specifically stated in my regency message that I
desired no major changes in my absence.

I await his explanation and apology,

King Nicholas I

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