Klosso Re-founds All-Attera Party

Prime Ministerial candidate Johanns fonn Klosso has announced that he is re-founding the famed All-Attera Party (AAP), which has laid dormant since before the Tymarian Era of Atteran history. The move may not prove to go very far however as Attera has no laws governing political parties and therefore it is unlikely that the government will permit the party to officially exist and thus participate in elections. Klosso cited that most of the Prime Ministers to have ruled in Attera have been from the AAP, with the exception of two, those being Eoin Dornan and Charles Beard. Attera’s current Prime Minister, Ras Sinclair, is affiliated on record with the AAP, though in reality, the party doesn’t exist officially nor does it hold any influence over the Atteran political process, a fact which Sinclair prefers as he is not an avid supporter of a party system in the governing process.

Klosso’s proposed platform for the political party centers around encouraging and fostering Atteran national identity and nationalism, advocating the renewal and expansion of the Atteran military, and ending the Atteran neutrality formed under Pax Atteralis (a key part of the Sinclair’s government platform) by forming security alliances with other micronations. It has been rumoured that the Emperor, the architect of the Pax Atteralis protocol, is planning on ending Atteran neutrality after the end of Sinclair’s government. Furthermore, the AAP would foster “fiscal balance and proper management of the Atteran economy” as well as increasing interest in Attera’s culture. However, all these platform promises are dependent on Klosso being elected Prime Minister.

The AAP have requested a forum from the government on the national Ezboard so that it can be legitimized. An answer from the government on the issue is expected later today or early this weekend, after the Prime Minister returns from macronational duties.

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