Large electoral reform bill given Imperial Assent

GENEVA, Baudrix; ABCC News – The National Electoral Reform and Activity Stimulus Act was given Imperial Assent today after a month of private backroom government discussions and negotiations that culminated in a relatively quiet passage through the Imperial Parliament. The bill massively amended the Alexandrian Constitution of 2005 to change the current electoral system, as well as change the title of the Prime Minister to First Consul and lengthen parliamentary terms.

The new electoral system now implements most of the reforms proposed by Jean Michel Leclerc, which provided for a Parliament elected through proportional representation. A new reform that this bill implements is the establishment of an Electoral College system, similar to the one used to elect the President of the United States, for the election of the First Consul.

The bill was a government-sponsored bill, with broad bipartisan support. Opposition, however, was present – freshman MP Valeria Gonzales from the Overseas Territories was opposed to the Leclerc reforms, preferring a system combining the proportional representation and constituency systems to form an electoral system similar to that of Germany’s.

This might be the first of many electoral reform bills that will pass through Parliament. Government officials are currently in the middle of drafting and placing final touches on a draft for a bill that aims to reform the way electoral campaigns are run in Alexandria.

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