Latest RAMIC Endeavour Grounded?

The Raspur Intermicronational Community (RAMIC) passed a resolution earlier this month providing for the creation of a three member panel to oversee the creation of a news bulletin service for the intermicronational agency. This panel would be composed of a member chosen by the RAMIC Council, one member by Microblog (an intermicronational agency which regulates the news blog sector), and the final member would be from the bulletin’s staff.

To date only one member of this three person panel has been chosen. That member was appointed by Microblog and is myself (Liam Sinclair). Despite the efforts of Mr. Grieve, Cyberia’s representative to the Council, there has yet to be any appointment on the part of RAMIC to the panel and the creation of the panel, and thus the hiring of staff to fulfill the third seat, has grinded to a halt.

It is unfortunate that this resolution has been unable to get off the ground to date. For my part, I am unclear as to what exactly needs to be done as I am not privy at all to the proceeds or thoughts of the RAMIC Council. It is a sad spectacle when those tasked with bringing the proceedings of RAMIC’s Council are unable to do their jobs due to the Council’s laziness to cooperate.

Personally, I say to the RAMIC Council, perhaps it’s time for you to consider contracting out news services for the agency to an established news blog with capable staff. Provided you actually give them the tools required to do the job.

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