LATJ Special: Interview with Peter Little, President of South Mondesia

LATJ Reporter: Well it’s been awhile in the works, but we finally have been able to get that interview with Peter Little we promised for you. Mr. Little is the President of South Mondesia, the Governor of the Amerada colony of New Columbia, and Tymarian Electoral Commissioner, among others. Mr. Little, you recently announced a referendum in South Mondesia on whether or not to join Tymaria. Why exactly have you decided to go ahead with this?

Peter Little: South Mondesia has started to become inactive. The messages have slowed down, but the real reason for the referendum is that because the elections were meant for this week, but all the candidates won by acclamation because Jordon pulled out of the Presidency race, and Geoff Manhunta out of the Midlands Premiership.

LATJ Reporter: In the past week, we’ve also noticed the creation of SMAK in SM, are you beginning to go insane with all the inactivity? *laughs*

Peter Little: *laughs* kinda [sic], I think I’m am turning into a Yardistani (Yardistan was the state I was going to join, but I thought if I joined an other state I would not look as insane as a Yardistani!)

LATJ Reporter: As electoral commissioner in Tymaria, you have announced an election for the Free Republic’s Consul. Will you accept the offer of the IDF (Interland Defence Forces) to oversee the security of the elections?

Peter Little: This is an interesting event, I do not believe the elections will get out of hand, if they do I may invite the IDF.

LATJ Reporter: Well, if you were to invite the IDF, how do you think Tymarians would view the deploying of troops for the second time on their soil in less than a week – mind you the first time was also the IDF – which is the Kingdom of Interland’s official military?

Peter Little: They may think I was arranging a coup to put me in power, they would also believe that Interland was behind it, I do not believe they would approve.

LATJ Reporter: I see. Marshal Sinclair (Tymarian Defence Forces) has been seen as pro-Interland in military affairs – for example, he deployed the IDF during the MicroBloc crisis and kept the other state militias under wraps. This can be attributed to the fact he made the IDF, but what is your view on him? Is he too pro-Interland for the job?

Peter Little: I do not believe so as the IDF is the only state militia. Also the attacks were made on Interland against Interland not Tymaria. I think he made a good choice but believe he could have used more support from the TDF.

LATJ Reporter: But the Marshal said that the TDF federally was in shambles so he ordered out the state militias to compensate. Considering that the best organized state militia is the IDF, how do you think the other militias would have been able to do the job? After all, just one day after releasing YAC (Yardistani Annexation Corps) on the MicroBloc, Marshal Sinclair was forced to recall them since they were out of control.

Peter Little: Well the only militias I know of is the IDF and the YAC, I think the Atteran Fed has some but they do want to be in Tymaria! The YAC is crazy, while the IDF is more down to earth, that’s How I see it!

LATJ Reporter: In the Prime Executorial elections in Tymaria, we have…what is it, 5 candidates? You have been conducting opinion polls and so far, who has the most support?

Peter Little: Well there’s 4 now. Dabe pulled out. Steffke is first, Dreesbach is second with Rhode third and King Bush getting no support.

LATJ Reporter: What percentage separates the 1st and 2nd place people?

Peter Little: wells its 5% or 1 vote but it cannot be confirmed the so far results as not all have responded.

LATJ Reporter: Mr. Little, thank you for letting us interview you.

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