LATJ Special: Interview with President Washburn

LATJ reporter: I’m here with the President of Amerada, Mr. Washburn. Mr. President, what is your reaction to the election win for Mr. Bridgewater?

Earl Washburn: Well, I am happy that there is an opposition member in the Legislature; it makes me look like less of a dictator, and more of the kind of guy I really am.

LATJ Reporter: But isn’t it true that Mr. Bridgewater’s vote really doesn’t matter since there are 12 DLPA votes? And also, why not hold by-elections for all those inactive members of the Legislature so that opposition members get a chance to even up the odds federally on legislation?

Earl Washburn: Well, you see…there are only 9 votes, not 12. And there will come a day when we will have less. And, I assure you that our government will not be inactive, as it seems it is now, but we do have an excuse (we haven’t had much to do).

LATJ Reporter: The government has been inactive a lot lately. It seems only that you and your Prime Minister actually make serious votes on the legislation. Why do you tolerate such disinterest in the other legislative members like Jon Weatherhead, and Mark Hickman? They do not care about Amerada any longer.

Earl Washburn: Well, that’s where you’re wrong. They have not had anything to do lately, so obviously they haven’t done anything. Please, the last bill passed was in November. After a few months of course you’re bound to get lazy. And you need not worry, Jon is no longer in the legislature.

LATJ Reporter: But Marc has in the past attacked Amerada under the alias Shadow!

Earl Washburn: We here believe otherwise, we know for sure who it is here in the executive branch, but I am sorry, I do not have the liberty to discuss such matters. But, I can tell all of you for certain; Mr. Hickman is not involved with the Shadow terrorist group, and he should be looked at as a national hero, for defeating their group on many occasions.

LATJ Reporter: I have sources, good sources, which have said that Mr. Hickman has been involved in some of these attacks. Do you deny any chance of his involvement and are you absolutely willing to trust him with Amerada’s military of a few humans and Borgs?

Earl Washburn: I do deny it. I see Marc incapable of such actions against his country, but I am not of liberty to reveal my status on his trustworthiness of our defence.

LATJ Reporter: Very well sir. The past two weeks saw us at odds with Tymaria. Now that we have reached a peace treaty with them, the landmass on Micro-Monde formally known as Interland is up for grabs. Does Amerada plan to claim this land mass? If not, then what is this other rumoured nation who may get it?

Earl Washburn: I personally tried to acquire the land, but unfortunately these rumours are true. There is another micronation who will be using the land. Unfortunately, I am not of liberty to reveal anything else about the subject, although I know other people may slip their tongue for a little cash if you know what I mean!

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