Leon and Venezia Fires its Prime Minister

The United Principalities of Leon and Venezia saw its National Parliament undertake the bold move of declaring no confidence in that nation’s prime minister recently. The nation, which exists in a quiet corner of micronationalism, has lacked an active prime minister since last year when Prime Minister Anibal Acevedo Vila’s absenteeism first began to assert itself.

In late January of this year, Vila returned amid much fanfare with intentions to “get to work on building a great Kingdom.” This intention turned out to be too good to be true and in early June, after months of suffering an absent head of government, Parliament moved a motion of non-confidence. That motion passed unanimously on 13 June, and Parliament has now called for the Sovereign Prince to appoint a provisional prime minister.

No announcement as to who will become the next prime minister has been made yet; however, two individuals Daniel Palzoni and Brabantio Noche, have expressed interest in gaining the position.

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