Lesser Attera Declared, Rift in Atteran Government Opens

Today, the Atteran Emperor, Mik’el Tzion I, declared the independence of Lesser Attera as an entity that will join the Micronational Cartography Society’s world map project to act as a “side hobby…for entertainment purposes.” This is the third incarnation of the Lesser Attera concept, with the most famous one being a part of the United Apollo States during the time of the IRQM in 2000, and the last one being a part of the United Republic of Tymaria, though it went by the name of Lesser Argaal.

The latest Lesser Attera has four key goals, including to see if a peaceful handover in power can be achieved in micronations without being hijacked by one person, to establish a totally unique micronational culture, to promote equality and fairness, and, the most major one, to permit the Emperor, if he is elected leader (the nation would be a direct democracy), to enact policies that he can’t due to the current policies of government in the Atteran Empire.

Atteran Prime Minister, Ras Sinclair, who is in the last months of his administration before this summer’s Prime Ministerial Elections, publicly condemned the move by the Emperor citing that fragmentation of Attera’s resources, as Lesser Attera has the potential to cause, would undo the hard work by all Atterans in restoring the nation to its current level of interest and activity, both of which suffered extremely hard during the Iraq Deployment of prominent Atterans. The Prime Minister went on to state that he will not personally support the Lesser Attera endeavour, meaning that he would not join that project, but he also said that since the Emperor does outrank the Prime Minister’s Office, the government would assist the Lesser Attera project if requested, so long as the project does not, in the words of Prime Minister Sinclair, do anything which “could prove further damage to our efforts [in the Atteran Empire].”

The Prime Minister has stated to other Atterans that he feels that the Lesser Attera project, designed to allow the Emperor to conduct policies which his government has disallowed, is a blatant vote of non-confidence in Sinclair’s government. Earlier today, Prime Minister Sinclair informed the Emperor that, if it is requested, he will resign immediately as Prime Minister so that the Emperor can work with the next one to implement those policies, instead of running the risks associated with fragmenting the Atteran State.

The Atteran Chronicle World will bring you updates to this major development in Attera as they become necessary.

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