Letter from the Emperor, laughs at stupid Arminian joke

Geneva, Madland; MBCC News – The Emperor of Alexandria, His Imperial Majesty Edgard II, addressed the nation today in a letter to be published in the ABCC regarding the latest development in Alexandria: the supposed annexation by Arminy and assasination of the Prime Minister-elect John Harvey.

Dear Alexandrian subjects,

Dear friends of the micronational world,

In this micronational world there are two kinds of people. Those who are serious about what they do, and those who aren’t.


We have seen recently how the latter have come to take control of the micronational world. They claim that they have annexed our Empire. HA! I laugfh at their stupid little annexation efforts. But at the same time, I get very angry at them.


I am not recognizing this stupid annexation. Alexandria will work as usual as if nothing had happened. Except the following: admin validation for all registrations, reduced guest postings, and the opening of La Conciergerie as the jail. The jail will be our little present to those who barge in and think they can take over as they wish.


I laugh at them. I assure you that Alexandria is independent and will remain so for as long as I will it. The assasinations are not real. The invasion and annexation is not real.


Thank you all and please pardon my tone of writing. I am very displeased and angry.


Yours truly,

Your Emperor and your friend.

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