Letters to the Editor: Events in Madland

At 12:15 PM, Kieran said…

and how many paples and foreigners voted in the poll?

I would be interested in knowing what led you to come to your conclusion re: Jorge Tuvallia? What source do you have for these ‘rumours’?


Mr. Kieran,

It is not certain how many foreigners voted in the poll at this moment. The poll was already extremely outdated, but in recent times I became active again and people began voting.

Regarding Jorge Tuvallia, the MBCC has not arrived at any conclusions. We are reporting what is happening in Madland as it is. Madland is a delicate balance of offline and online activities. The rumors we mentioned in the article responded to information obtained from an offline Madlandian citizen. We are truly sorry that we cannot present the person online, for that would credit and make our sources look presentable and accurate to the online public.

Thank you for your interest and inquiry.


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