L’eul Ras Dabe HarmagedOn I of Makonnia Retires

In a discussion with His Majesty, Mik’el Tzion I, the Emperor of the Atterans, Lord Dabe has decided to give up all posts and rank to retire and take care of his many Macronational responsibilities. In his communiqué to the Emperor, Lord Dabe stated, “I have too many things that I have to handle at the present time and cannot devote quality time to my responsibilities in the Atteran Empire.”

The Office of His Serene Imperial Highness has issued a statement expressing extreme disappointment, but understanding of Lord Dabe’s decision. “The Office of His Serene Imperial Highness, expresses disappointment in the retirement of His Imperial Highness, Dabe HarmagedOn I. We feel that this noble veteran of high esteem and respect was a major contributor to the Atteran Imperial Government and to the Atteran Empire. His impact on Our great nation has been greatly felt and will be sorely missed.”

Lord Dabe a veteran of the Tymarian Merger, the Federation of the Imperial Atteran States and the Solomonic Empire of Attera, represented the Makonnia Imperial Region in the Grand Executive Council. Lord Dabe was the Minister of Defence during the Atteran Federation Era and was the architect of creating a policy in which Attera and Tymaria could peacefully co-exist. It was because of his friendly ties to many in Tymaria and his ability to convince Lord Charles of Argaal to side with him in the Grand Executive Council that kept Prime Minister Diga Makonnen from declaring war on the Tymarian state.

During the Cranda crisis later on in the summer of 2002, Lord Dabe was instrumental in supporting the then Minister of Defence’s, Ras William Yeh, plans to shut down the Crandan forums rather than destroy
them completely. Lord Dabe’s willingness to use innovative methods during times of war created an environment within the Atteran Imperial Defence Forces that now espouses supremacy without complete and utter destruction of enemy forums and property.

Within the Square of the People, His Majesty, the Emperor, will be honouring Lord Dabe with a speech and awards for his outstanding service and encourages all Atteran citizens to witness this event beginning on the 21st of June 2004 at 1800 hours Atteran Standard Time.

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