Little Jumps Ship; Joins DLPA

Perhaps the least boring event in Amerada during the past couple of months has occurred. Leader of the RCAA, Peter Little has crossed the floor to join the DLPA party. The new interim leader of the RCAA is now Liam Sinclair who said in reply to the situation, “I’ll keep leading the party until I get bored with it like I have with most things Amerada. Opposition parties mean nothing in Amerada with the DLPA, who hold 9 of the 10 seats federally. We’re powerless to stop the DLPA so why even bother with politics anymore federally?”

Peter Little has been very bored lately in Amerada like everyone else except Earl Washburn and reportedly said that his reasons for leaving the RCAA was that Amerada needed something to make it more interesting and the best way to do that is to defect to the DLPA. Liam Sinclair said in response to this comment by Mr. Little, “So what. I don’t really care. No one’s doing anything in Amerada, so have fun.” Peter Little will remain in the MSA party though.

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