Locke Admits Role in Terrorist Organization

A faction called the Second Alliance was planning on attacking Tymaria, Morovia and Babkha this month, but thanks to the efforts of the TDF and Mr. Alexander, the plot against those nations unraveled. Unfortunately, both the TDF and Mr. Alexander followed the evidence compiled, and quite convincing evidence, to the wrong source, the Atteran Federation, particularly Diga Makonnen. At the time Mr. Alexander published the Apollo Fireball special report without TDF knowledge or sanction, the evidence was overwhelmingly pointed towards Mr. Makonnen.

After the Fireball report, Philip Locke came clean and shocked us all by saying that he made the entire thing all up. This meant that Mr. Makonnen was not involved, and as the Atteran Imperial Tribunal stated in its investigation’s findings, Mr. Makonnen was a victim of inconclusive evidence and coincidence. The evidence on which the claim against Mr. Makonnen was involved in the conspiracy was so convincing to the TDF, Mr. Alexander, and even Yuri and Ras Charles of the Atteran Federation that it was followed without further questioning concerning its legitimacy.

Mr. Locke was dismissed, unceremoniously, from the Tymarian Defence Forces after the information of the entire conspiracy being his creation was revealed. He has been permanently banned from the TDF. The TDF stated that its senior staff would not pursue criminal charges against Mr. Locke in Tymaria instead it would leave that job to the civilian authorities. The TDF believes it has given a sufficient punishment to Mr. Locke.

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