LoM conducts vote on Atteran admission to the intermicronational organization

In a historic move, the League of Micronations has voted to re-admit the Solomonic Empire of Attera. Attera left the LoM approximately a year ago after various high level Atteran officials were attacked for their participation in the TYSOG incident. Attera was admitted to the League in an overwhelming 7 to 1 favourable vote.

The admission to the League marks one of the first steps in Attera’s goal to reassert itself intermicronationally and to make more friends from all over the micronational world. Prime Minister and Regent Ras Bit Sinclair made the following statement to the League:

Mr. Secretary-General, fellow Members:

The Atteran Empire is pleased to once again be able to sit as a member of this League. While the incidents of over a year ago may still be fresh in some members’ minds, we hope that all members, the Empire included, will be able to work together in a common goal of reasserting this organization and its many benefits to the micronational world.

I, HIH Ras Bitwoded Sinclair, current Prime Minister and Regent, will sit as the delegate for the Atteran Empire at this grand council.

I thank you for your time, and the honour of re-admittance.

Best Regards,

HIH Ras Bit Sinclair
Prime Minister of Attera
Atteran Imperial Regent

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