Madlandian candidates campaigning for votes

Geneva, Madland; MBCC News – In its most contested Prime Ministerial election ever, Madlandian Prime Ministerial candidates have begun to launch campaign tours all throughout Madland. This is a first in Madlandian electoral history. Jorge Tuvallia, the Burning Torches Party (BTP) nominee, launched the first of these tours on October 29. He stopped at Geneva, Franciscania and San Juan Bautista and participated in rallies, speeches and even trick-or-treated with Nubinarian schoolchildren.

Meanwhile, in response to this highly sucessful campaign tour of Madland, Lord Pontmercy, the Monarchist candidate, is starting a campaign tour tomorrow which will cover more ground than Tuvallia’s. Pontmercy’s campaign will include a stop at Frankfurt, the city where much of the action in the Madlandian Civil War took place earlier this year. John Harvey, the independent PM candidate, still has not laucnhed any tours like these throughout Madland.

The election plans to be extremely contested. The SEC is planning for a runoff election for the candidates that obtain more than 25% of the vote.

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