Madlandian election saved by foreigner!

Geneva, Madland; MBCC News – The Prime Ministerial election in Madland began today smoothly until Ras Liam Sinclair of the Atteran Chronicle World Service pointed out one major flaw: ANYONE could vote in the election. For a brief moment, polling in Madland came to a screeching halt for a few minutes while the mistake was fixed by the Chairman of the SEC, the Emperor of Madland.

“I would like to thank Ras Sinclair for pointing out this critical mistake and for actually proposing a solution to it,” said His Imperial Majesty to MBCC News, “apparently no one in the micronational world does that.”

The polling was closed and promptly reopened in the Madlandian forums.


November 10th, 2004 – 5:06 PM EST

John Harvey – 100% (1 vote)

Jorge Tuvallia – 0%

Lord Pontmercy – 0%

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