Madlandian Emperor arrested in Antica, trial begins

Aquilaria, Antica; MBCC News – His Imperial Majesty, Edgard II, was taken handcuffed yesterday by Antican authorities from his residence at Wesloderia. He was brought to the Antican capital to face charges of forging a citizenship application and perjury while in investigation. “It is sad how things have turned out,” said His Imperial Majesty, who declined to respond questions regarding his innocence. He responded simply, “I know if I am or not, and that should be enough.” The trial has been taken to the Antican Supreme Court, where it is expected that it will be a high-profile case around all of micronationalism. Many in Madland see this as a show for micronationalism starring the Antican Supreme Court and a battered Emperor. His Imperial Majesty has to still announce who will represent him officially in the case. It is rumoured that His Imperial Mjesty plans to assemble a great legal team to face the charges. This scandal comes in the midst of the Madlandian transition from independence to province of Antica. So far the Union has born no fruit, and Madlandians are beginning to grow restless.

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