Madlandian Emperor calls for the election of a new Prime Minister

Geneva, Madland; MBCC News – His Imperial Majesty, Edgard Carrillo, the Emperor of Madland, published Imperial Decree 015, calling for the first Prime Ministerial elections under Madland’s new Constitution. These would be the first Prime Ministerial elections in Madland since early 2004. So far in Madland, things have alread gotten a little bit heated between the leader of the Monarchist Coalition Party, Lord Pontmercy, and the leader and candidate for the Burning Torches Party, Jorge Tuvallia.

It is expected that the Monarchist Coalition Party (MCP) shall nominate Lord Pontmercy to be its Prime Ministerial candidate. So far, only the Burning Torches Party has published its official manifesto, which was practically a call for the reinstatement of Jorge Tuvallia as Madland’s Prime Minister.

“This will be a contested election, I think,” said His Imperial Majesty to MBCC News, “Madland has not had a ‘favorite’ per se in a very long time. We’ll see what happens.” The election process has been opened to any Madlandian citizen that wishes to run, regardless of whether they have their own political party or not. People wanting to run shall have to publicly announce their candidacy in the Place de l’Ellsamere with a statement of their qualifications for office and positions. All Madlandians are required to register to vote ASAP with the State Electoral Commission.

So far, predictions are sketchy. “Both Lord Pontmercy and I can win,” said Jorge Tuvallia to MBCC News, “we’re gonna campaign hard.” The MBCC estimates that currently support for both the candidates is 50/50.

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