Madlandian Emperor proposes independence bill on Antican Senate

Aquilaria, Antica; MBCC News – Today, in a bold move that will certainly enrage the Antican government, His Imperial Majesty posted a bill titled “Madlandian Independence Act” on the Antican Senate floor. The proposal came as a reaction to the opinion column published yesterday by MBCC News. “I do not agree with the accusations that the writer has made about Antica, but I do believe that my charges may certainly affect my leadership over Madland under an Antican flag,” said His Imperial Majesty to MBCC News. His Imperial Majesty promptly added, “I’ll withdraw the bill if I recieve an assurance from the Antican government that Madland will remain under my leadership and that I will not lose my titles.” Many in Madland believe that this will probably not be a possiblity. Jorge Tuvallia, a citizen of independent Madland but not of Antican Madland told MBCC News that “I [Jorge] do not think that the Anticans will provide the assurance because they will be so mad that the Emperor even made that move.” Only time will tell. Analysts at MBCC believe that the bill will meet a strong opposition. His Imperial Majesty failed to comment on the column’s claim that the Union is “unconstitutional” in Madland.

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