Madlandian Estates-General open, Emperor says “you’ve defeated the odds”

Geneva, Madland; MBCC News – With a short but well-applauded speech to the Madlandian people and the Estates-General, His Imperial Majesty opened the Estates-General of Madland last Friday. This event set off hundreds of parties all around the country, as Madland’s government transitions to normalcy. This is the first time that the Estates-General meets under the Constitution of 2004.

In his speech, the Emperor used recent events in Madland to prove that it is moving forward. “New citizens have joined Madland. New elections for Prime Minister were called. And now, we’re standing here, opening our first official Estates-General session,” said His Imperial Majesty in the speech. The Emperor asked the Estates-General to “keep the progress of our nation at the forefront of your first legislative session.” In his speech he urged the Estates-General to pass legislation that will maintain the steady progress Madland has made in its transition.

After the ceremony, His Imperial Majesty and the Imperial Family were driven in the State Golden Carriage to the Palace of Geneva where they boarded a motorcade that would take them to the party in the Palace of Wesloderia.

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