Madlandian Independence celebrations tarnished by recwar

Geneva, Madland; MBCC News – As voting closed in the Antican Senate on Saturday October 16th, celebrations in Madland were in full swing. A unanimous 6-0 vote was given by the Antican Senate for the independence of Madland. Sadly, on October 18th, Soviet forces advanced into a defenseless, partygoing Madland and quickly captured Geneva in a random recwar.

Soviet troops massacred hundreds of Madlandians that had setup their own militias to defend Geneva, much like their counterparts in the city of Frankfurt had done in the Madlandian Civil War. The Soviets proceded to found the puppet People’s Republic of Geneva, saying that “Their [Madland’s] independence was a farce! Long live liberation!” The Emperor was safely moved to the secret command bunker of Vranscia, where he assembled most of the Grand Imperial Army of Madland to beat back the Soviets. So far, Madland has shown superiority over the Soviet forces.

Madland’s invasion has touched off two more Soviet recwar invasions of Mayo and Madland’s ally, Coralia. His Imperial Majesty has pledged to support Coralia militarily, but has not offered any aid to Mayo.

It is not known whether these actions are actually a war or just a wargame. Madland’s boards have not been attacked themselves, neither have those of Mayo and Coralia. The initiating force, the USSR, has not yet commented on the inquiry. His Imperial Majesty is set to make the case for Madland in the Micronational Recwar Society to make sure that when these recwars happen, do not happen randomly and without proper notification of the nations involved.

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