Madlandian troops in standby to defend legitimate Coralian government

Geneva, Madland; MBCC News – Orders from the residence of His Imperial Majesty in Coralia arrived a few seconds ago to activate a total of 600,000 troops for a possible invasion of Coralia. This comes as the Coralian Grand Duke, Gasgan VI, made a last minute regime change in Coralia, turning it into a socialist republic hours after the Emperor won the elections in Coralia and his party, the Reformist Party of Coralia, was swept into power.

Currently, the Grand Duke or General Secretary are locked in a heated debate in the Coralian forums, regarding the issue at hand. The Emperor has threatened to respond “as Madlandian Emperor” against this coup, while the Grand Duke has contended that he holds the power over Coralia no matter what.

The Emperor sent a small statement to MBCC News saying, “As Royal Chancellor of Coralia, I shall do everything in my power to ensure that this is fixed. I will try to avoid using force, but when necessary, I shall defend Coralia.”

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