Maher retirement finalizes Novasolum death

The last remaining active high-ranking government official in the Kingdom of Novasolum has called it quits. Thomas Maher, best known for his role in the former Royal Kingdom of Gotzborg, announced his retirement from micronationalism yesterday.

A former Home Minister in Gotzborg, and, as Chancellor and First Secretary of State, the highest-ranking government minister in Novasolum, Maher did not engage in any long-winded speech to mark his retirement. Noting that his participation in micronationalism has been low for recent months, he decided that it was “time to call it quits.”

With the end of Gotzborg, Maher immigrated to Novasolum and quickly rose to the top of its government, becoming King John Darcy’s first and only chancellor. However, since midsummer, Novasolum has been crippled by inactivity on the part of its king, and despite his best attempts to maintain government activity, Maher was unsuccessful in bringing the micronation back to activity without the regular participation of Darcy.

With the king and Privy Council of Novasolum no longer active, the Kingdom is unlikely to return to any active state. With the departure of Maher and the subsequent death of the Kingdom of Novasolum, most former Gotzers have now left the community or taken a significantly reduced role in specific micronations.

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