Major changes proposed for the Amerada Legislature

This week, a new bill was tabled for debate in the Amerada Legislature. This bill is one of the few remaining that was proposed by Yuri Andropov during his short federally active life in Amerada (Andropov is now the governor of the colony of Floerta). The bill proposed will limit the presidential term to three months, as well as the conduction of elections to the Amerada Ezboard, the latter of which would mean an end to the use of internet polls to simulate the votes of the “simulated” citizens of Amerada.

The debate, which can be viewed here, has presented the Legislature with a rare direct democracy vote on how the bill should be amended. While no one wants the clause limiting the presidential term removed, there seems to be a general consensus, with a couple of exceptions, that the term should be more that just three months. The third clause, which is the one concerning a new voting procedure for Amerada elections, has been staunchly opposed by President Washburn, and he is the only person to have voted for its removal from the bill. The President is a firm believer in the simulated citizens of Amerada plan, after all, it was his creation. The President states in response to the proposal.

“No, Amerada is a nation of simulation. Therefore, it would be undemocratic to let only our ‘active’ citizens vote.”

Ironically, if only the “active” citizens of Amerada were to vote, a vast percentage of the Amerada Government and Legislature would not be permitted to vote as they are doing as much for the nation as a simulated citizen – nothing! A possible reorganization of the government to reduce its size and thus make a more feasible, active, government of Amerada was recently, candidly, discussed by Sinclair and Washburn, but no official comments on the idea have been released by the government to date.

Nicholas Bridgewater, the only legislator from the opposition parties in Amerada, favoured the third clause to be re-written to facilitate email ballots instead of the Ezboard ballot method, though he is not opposed to the Ezboard ballot method either. He hasn’t voted on how the bill should be reorganized at this time however. Mr. Bridgewater also believes that a four month Presidential term is more reasonable and that more frequent, fair, elections would make Amerada more popular.

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