Matbaa Debates New National Arms

The Khanaushia, the national legislature of the Zatriarchate of Matbaa, is debating a bill to formalize a new national coat of arms. The bill, introduced on 10 November, has since expanded to included two official flags for the Middle-Eastern themed micronation.

The new national arms proposed by Zatriarch Maximillideus have received both endorsement and criticism from the membership of the Khanaushia. One legislator, Hiram Jbarta, notes that a proposal by the Zatriarch to include the national flag on the new arms is “not proper heraldry.”

The new arms will grace all official state publications, while the proposed state flag will be limited to government use as per convention and the national flag will be usable by the general population. The flying of the state flag, in a potentially awkward move, will not be mandatory for government institutions.

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