Matbaa Moves to Reinvigorate its Economic Sector

Armen Sourenian, the Grand Vizier of the Zatriarch of Matbaa, proclaiming his micronation’s “proud” economic history, has moved to try to revitalize an increasing dire situation that has been developing with more and more Matbaa companies declaring insolvency. Yet, even with his introduction of a new Economy and Trade Administration Bill in the Khanaushia, the Matbaaic economy is a long way from health given the crippling lack of participation by its citizenry.

Citing a lack of appreciation for the complexities of the micronational economic sector, Sourenian noted that because of Matbaa’s long-running recession, there has been no motivation to correct that lack of appreciation. With his bill, the Grand Vizier is hoping to invigorate the economic sector through the formation of the Ministry of Economic Affairs that would oversee the traditional micronational economic tools: a national bank, intermicronational trade, and, among others, the business sector. To address concerns about the appreciation given to the economic sector by Matbaaic citizens, the bill authorizes the national bank to provide monetary grants only to those citizens who “embody the spirit of industry.”

Once considered one of the stable economically-oriented micronations in the Anglophone Sector, Matbaa has struggled with providing the basic staple of their economy: cash. Having applied for a national account with PHP MicroXchange 2, Matbaa’s economy has ground to a halt largely in part due to that application, now many months old, having never been processed by PHP MicroXchange’s administrator, who is largely inactive as a micronationalist in the Anglophone Sector. Matbaa’s Zatriarch, Maximillideus, has expressed frustration with the lack of action or communication by the exchange’s administrator, even charging that “MX2 is now universally regarded as obsolete” during the Khanaushia debate. The Zatriarch is not alone in that opinion as several governments have noticed over the past year that the exchange impotent in its primary function (intermicronational currency exchange) due to coding problems.

As debate continues on the bill in Matbaa, an apt observation was made that with Gotzborg, the Anglophone community’s economic powerhouse, and its Novasolum allies who produced one of the most successful regional economies and partnerships in the sector’s history, no longer on the Micras World Map Project, it is left to Matbaa to monopolize the Micras economy. With this bill, a positive move is being made in that direction; however, the success of the new Matbaaic economy isn’t dependent on the bill, but on the dedication and interest of the person who will become their economic minister.

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