Matbaa Seeks to Mend Relations with Antica

Following his inaugural speech earlier this month in which Matbaa’s new Zatriarch, Sfeir Afudyakno, promised to move forward with repairing Matbaa’s foreign relations with the Republic of Antica, the first step towards that goal has been taken. The Zatriarch dispatched a conciliatory diplomatic note to the Republic to extend to its people his “deepest gratitude for tolerating something of a black spot in [Matbaa’s] history.”

That “black spot” occurred during the Landinberg-Holzborg War as a result of what Sfeir, responding to an inquiry from the Standard, called the “general attitude” of [Matbaa’s first Zatriarch] Maximillideus towards Holzborg. Chrimigules, a representative of Antica at the peace dialogue in that conflict, accused Maximillideus of “threatening the leader of Holzborg up and down … about permanent occupation, about the people of Holzborg rising up against its current government in an attempt to join Matbaa.” He went on to chastise Maximillideus by asking of the then-Zatriarch “who the [explicative] do you think you are?” A further attempt by Maximillideus to use Matbaa’s membership in the Non-Aligned Movement to force that intermicronational organization to join in conflict against the Kingdom of Lovely further strained relations between the two micronations.

In his diplomatic note, Sfeir recognized that Chrimigules, as well as possibly other Anticans, were “most displeased with [Maximillideus’] actions” in the aforementioned war, as well as the threat towards Lovely under the auspices of the Non-Aligned Movement, of which Antica is a key leading member. The Zatriarch offered his apologies for those actions and conveyed his assurances to Antica that his nation “fully understands the rules and regulations of the [Non-Aligned Movement] Pact.” The Antican government, which recently came under the leadership of Speaker Braden Indianensis, has yet to issue a formal response to the diplomatic note.

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