Matbaa splits; Zatriarch left out in the cold

The Zatriarchate of Matbaa has been effectively reduced to one citizen as most active Matbaaics have split from the ailing micronation to form the Ecumenical Synody of Matbaa. The Synody is based on the controversial Sfeir Constitution, while the Zatriarchate will continue to operate on the Armen Constitution.

It was the Sfeir constitution, proposed in October, which severed the micronation as it controversially removed the position of Zatriarch – the head of state – from Matbaaic constitutional law. Current Zatriarch Michaelos-Sfeir I (Pete James) opposed the nullification of his position, unequivocally stating that the position “has to stay.” When the vote to adopt the constitution passed by a five-to-one margin in the Khanaushia on November 12 (Zatriarchate local board time), it was vetoed by the Zatriarch, leading to the declaration of the Matbaaic Pact.

The Pact provides for an amicable split of the Zatriarchate into the two aforementioned entities, with both offering formal recognition of the other, though all of Matbaa’s Micronational Cartography Society lands will be given to the Synody, with the exception of Matbaa City. The city, which is the historic capital of the micronation, will be the only land remaining with the Zatriarchate, effectively meaning that the Zatriarchate has been reduced to a sovereign city-state. The Pact also prohibits the Zatriarchate from engaging in rivalries between other states, essentially guaranteeing that the Synody will be active face of Matbaa intermicronationally.

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