MBCC apologizing for last posting

Franciscania, Madland; MBCC News – The Franciscania Offices of the MBCC issued today a small statement apologizing for the last publishing made in the MBCC News website. “We believe it was a horrible thing we did with that post, we could have gotten people pissed off,” said His Imperial Majesty in response to the small statement. No major complaints have been filed against the MBCC regarding the use of religious text in propaganda or regarding the last publishing at MBCC at all.

The text of the statement was short and concise:

MBCC News – Franciscania Offices

Re: Publishing related to Pres. Bush’ reelection

We, the the MBCC, believe that our purpose is to inform the public about

the mosr recent developments both in Madland and in the micronational world. We

also believe that our organization must remain as unbiased as possible and offer

information to people so THEY can make their own decisions. We believe that the

last post made in the MBCC blog was a violation of this main tenet of beliefs

here at MBCC.

We would like to apologize to all who might have been offended.

Thank you

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