MBCC News opens blog as part of revival efforts

Geneva, Madland; MBCC News – Madlandian government officials opened today the official blog site for the Madlandian Broadcasting and Communications Corporation, or MBCC, amidst celebration and joy. The MBCC has been completely inactive since before 2/23/04, when His Imperial Majesty placed it under Royal Charter.

The creation of the blog is aimed to revive the MBCC, which was the main provider of news and entertainment for many Madlandians. “What I am aiming is to rebuild the MBCC to what it once was, and actually provide local and intermicronational news,” said His Imperial Majesty, the Emperor, who also is President of the MBCC.

This is one of the many steps in which His Imperial Majesty plans to bring cultural growth to Madland. The Madlandian government has also opened a Supreme Religious Council in the city of Franciscania, opening the doors of the Empire to religion for the first time in its two-year history.

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