MFP acquires the Atteran Star

Attera’s official newspaper, the Atteran Star, today entered a new era. It has been over two months since the Atteran Star last published an edition. To combat this problem, an agreement between the CEO of Atterconn Gmbh , Ras Diga IV, and Liam Sinclair, the CEO of the Micronational Free Press’ parent company, MicroEnterprises Corporation, was signed. The Atteran Star became a subsidiary of the MFP, and will publish an Atteran news column weekly in one of the two weekly MFP editions.

The acquisition of the Atteran Star now means that the MFP is Attera’s official newspaper service. The move took place shortly after the MFP was awarded its license permitting it to publish stories from Attera. The MFP also released a new website version today.

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