MFP Report on Business: 16 Aug 2002

The Micronational Free Press Network (MFPnet) has registered to be placed on the Pacary Exchange. Of the 5000 shares total in the company, 2000 shares have been placed up for sale on the exchange by CEO Liam Sinclair. The MFPnet is the second company of Sinclair’s Micro-Enterprises Corporation to be listed on the Pacary Exchange, with the first being Interland Defence Contractors’ Pacary Ezbomb Industries. The opening price of shares in MFPnet is þ1.00.

Stock Markets as of August 16/2002

Stock markets throughout the intermicronational scene have been relatively quiet in the past week. The purchase of the Pacarian Post (TPX-TPP) was the only major action taking place on the TPX. A mid-week buying spree by Tony Au on the TSE helped drive up the value of some corporations on that exchange.

The NUT Media Group Inc., has also applied to be registered to be listed on the Tymarian Stock Exchange. It’s shares will be both class A (open) and class B (restricted) with the latter being for only citizens of New Macadam. A decision is yet to be made on the NUT Media Group’s application by TSE officials.

The Pacary Exchange (TPX)

Stock Current Value (per share) Change (per share)
TPP Þ11.02 +Þ10.02
BBA þ15.00 n/c
TPN þ10.00 n/c
IEI þ15.00 n/c
MFP þ1.00 no previous price

The Tymarian Stock Exchange (TSE)

Stock Current Value (per share) Change (per share)
CRI ™15.20 n/c
NBT-B ™18.00 +™8.00
SCS ™12.50 n/c
SPC-B ™8.00 +™3.00
SWC-B ™12.00 n/c
TSE-B ™12.00 +™2.00
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