MFP Report on Business: 18 Sep 2002

With regards to economics, the micronational world is in the midst of a serious recession. This dreadful event has been caused by a common macronational event: school. From what the MFP can ascertain, ICEO Chairman and all-power god Tony Au has become swamped with school work and has not updated the currency exchange rates for weeks. While this is the most serious problem in the economic scene, there are other problems as well. These other problems are mainly national ones, as powerful economies like Pacary, Tymaria, and New Macadam, to name just a few, have suddenly stopped dead in their tracks. The two micronational stock markets, the Pacary Exchange and the Tymarian Stock Exchange are dead, with both last receiving activity in early September and late August, respectively.

In other news….

– Pacary National Bank Chairman, Sander Dieleman, has announced that he is resigning from that position due to a lack of time on his part (mainly due to school). He has not announced a replacement yet, however, due to the current economic climate in the intermicronational scene, it shouldn’t be a major problem to have a bankerless bank.

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