MFP Report on Business: 20 Aug 2002

The Micronational Free Press Network continues to take over Pacary media. On August 18, 2002, the MFPnet purchased the Pacary Ezboard Ticker from the Pacarian Government for a sum of Þ1900.00. The only news agency in Pacary that MFPnet doesn’t own yet is the Pacarian News Network.

Stock Markets as of August 19/2002

Stock markets remained quiet since our last edition, with only slight changes in some stocks on the Pacary Exchange. Bobessian Airways (TPX-BBA) sold its first stock after joining the TPX when it opened last month. However, at Þ15.00 a share, the total sale was small, and resulted in an overall value increase of just one Pacar per share. The Pacary Network (TPX-TPN) also had its first sale of stock, and as a result, the stock’s value jumped two Pacars per share.

The Tymarian Stock Exchange has had no substantial activity, however, the National Bank of Tymaria (TSE-NBT-B) and the Tymarian Stock Exchange (TSE-TSE-B) announced that they will be contacting shareholders within the next few days with a proposition. This notice followed a request by the National Bank of Tymaria on the TSE to buy back 300 shares from shareholders. The NBT has offered ™10.00 per share, however, this is well below the current market price of ™18.00. The only response to the request by shareholders so far is 200 shares at ™15.00 a piece.

The Pacary Exchange (TPX)

Stock Current Value (per share) Change (per share)
TPP Þ11.02 n/c
BBA þ16.00 +Þ1.00
TPN þ12.00 +þ2.00
IEI þ15.00 n/c
MFP þ1.00 n/c

The Tymarian Stock Exchange (TSE)

Stock Current Value (per share) Change (per share)
CRI ™15.20 n/c
NBT-B ™18.00 n/c
SCS ™12.50 n/c
SPC-B ™8.00 n/c
SWC-B ™12.00 n/c
TSE-B ™12.00 n/c
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