Micro-Nations.com Offering Sub-domains

Looking to emphasize the “micro” status of your nation? Well look no further than Micro-Nations.com, the descendent of the former Micronations.org web portal and discussion boards.

Noting that[Micro-Nations.com] has something like a [gigabyte] of web space which is currently completely unused,” the administration of the website is offering to host interested micronations on its advertisement-free server package without charge. As an added bonus, such micronations will receive a sub-domain on micro-nations.com for their website.

The offer is not without drawbacks. Only four additional PHP bulletin boards can be hosted on the current server package, and there is no way to avoid having the Micro-Nations.com administrator holding powers over your micronation’s forums. Given the limited discussion board capability, micronations looking to take advantage of the offer will still have to retain their own discussion board packages.

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