MicroBloc and Tymaria at Odds; Somewhat Peaceful Solution Found

MicroBloc, a micronation that is basically seen as a pain in the ass, attacked the Tymarian state of Interland this week. They attacked just as the Tymarian Defence Force was all but destroyed by the public’s low support of it after the TYSOG/Morovia incident of January 2002. The new Minister of Defence of Tymaria, Marshal Liam Sinclair found himself with barely a military left to defend the nation with. He quickly called up Major Daniel Dreesbach (pardek) from reserve and placed the Major in command of the Interland Division of the TDF – The Interland Defence Force (the IDF was created by Mr. Sinclair before Interland joined Tymaria). Prime Executive Scot authorized police action against MicroBloc for the attacks and the TDF delivered on its job despite its poor condition. As the House of Nations was voting on a formal declaration of war on MicroBloc, the representative for the Bloc halted his nation’s attacks on Tymaria and withdrew. A diplomatic victory was found just before the declaration of war passed which would have seen an all out attack by the TDF on the Bloc. Minister/Marshal Sinclair released a brief report on the lessons learned in the incident by the TDF as part of his plan to try to keep the general public informed of the TDF as much as can be possibly done without breaking national security laws.

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