Micronation Profile: Delvenus

Prominent Citizens: Mari Greenwood (last leader and famous Menelmacari); James Raine (founder & Metzler confident); Kathryn66 (Politikan “bad girl”)

Reputation: A neutral micronation that hosted the MCS; near its end, Delvenus became nothing more than a social hangout for possibly the only two regularly-active women in micronations at the time.

Despite some protests, it was no surprise that Micronational Cartography Society (MCS, “Micras” world map) co-founder, Erik Metzler, moved his organization’s headquarters to Delvenus, which had been co-founded by his confident, James Raine. Delvenus became arguably obsessed with its role in hosting the Society and in the concept of being a self-appointed leader in intermicronational cartography itself.

In August 2002, Metzler moved the prominent society to the neutral territory of Delvenus, which held an isolated group of islands in the Northeastern corner of the Micras map. The MCS would thrive at its new home1, at least until April 2003 when a revolt in the Imperium of Menelmacar would entangle the MCS in the political disaster. The revolutionaries approached the Society with a request to be granted some land that belonged to the legitimate government of the Imperium; when the Society agreed to the demands, after much deliberation, the consequences would be enough to cause Metzler to officially disband the Society.

With that closure, Delvenus’ “special” intermicronational status ceased to exist and the micronation became, once again, a typical member of the community. Yet, despite the closure Delvenus’ role in intermicronational cartography would not yet come to an end as it began its own initiative to fill the void left by the departed Micronational Cartography Society.

Under the direction of Mari Greenwood, Delvenus embarked on its “Rebirth of Our World” project on 7 April 2003, approaching micronations involved in the MCS as potential architects and future members. Greenwood pronounced “we have the skills, we have the people, and we have the will,” in a rallying cry; however, just days later on 13 April, Metzler announced that the MCS would be reinstated, returning to its Delvenus home. In August of that year, however, the MCS forum would be deleted and Metzler’s reign would come to a close (at which point started the reign of Orion Ilios).

No more than a year later, Delvenus was facing an activity crisis. Not so much in that there wasn’t activity, just that the activity was largely as an off-topic social forum, while micronational aspects were more on the “inactive” part of the scale. The MCS, now under the control of Orion Ilios, ordered Delvenus to be removed from its world map. Kathryn66 went on an angry intermicronational campaign looking for a sympathetic ear in their bid to retain the MCS territory. When no such support was to be found, Delvenus embarked on its “Rebirth of Our World” project, now known as the “Future Cartographic Society.” Declaring the MCS to be “run by Shireroth,” Kathryn attempted to rally micronations to the cause (while supportive, Greenwood took a less standoffish attitude). In the end, other than Delvenus, only the Jacobite Cyberia and Madland expressed interest in the concept– neither would actively support the project.

In the end, the intermicronational world moved on, ignoring the dissent with the MCS exhibited in Delvenus, preferring to remain members with the Society which had shown a unique longevity, even if its membership regularly showed frustration with the Metzler and Ilios regimes. Its last breath of intermicronational life now extinguished, Delvenus retreated into isolationism, living out its final days as a social hangout for Greenwood and Kathryn.

  1. Forum archive viewable at http://web.archive.org/web/20031013100445/pub37.ezboard.com/frepublicofdelvenusfrm41?page=1 []

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  1. Unfortunately there is little about this nation in the MCS archives, this is my data page on them:
    As you can see (provided you’re not trying to look between 8am and 9pm GMT tomorrow (server will be off)) no cities were ever on the map and therefore the only data recorded about them are the colours they used and the maps they were on…

  2. Well, at the very least, you’ve got their flag image on hand. I had no luck finding a full scale version of it in my huntings while researching this article.

  3. You could always shoot me an email about these things, Liam.
    Delvenus’ flag, full size
    Original map of Delvenus by Eros Darkstar aka James Raine

    I was actually a Governor of one of the original provinces (Cryovenus IIRC) when the nation dropped off into inactivity. Kathryn, who had admin, managed to delete the original ezboard forum and made a new one, copying Delvenus. This irked James to the point where he quit mn’s in disgust and then led to the events mentioned above. So there was something of a prequel you’ve excluded. The only reason the MCS left Delvenus was because Kathryn deleted the forum, forced James to quit (who was well-liked) which as a result irked everyone else off. As an additional result there was a moratorium that the MCS should not be hosted by any nation and should be entirely independent, effecting the move to MNN’s forums.

  4. Thanks for the information Ryan. IIRC, when I originally wrote this article, you were away from micronationalism, so the thought of contacting you didn’t cross my mind, unfortunately.

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