Micronational Cartography Society World Map Survey

The Shireroth Geographic Survey, headed by infamous micronationalist Bill Dusch, has released survey information regarding the Micronational Cartography Society world map project.

The survey, which uses the number of pixels contained within the borders of each micronation listed on the world map as a way to rank them in terms of size, found that the long-running heavyweight, in terms of territory on the map, Imperial Republic of Shireroth has been bypassed by the recently formed Grand Commonwealth. The survey also calculated the population densities of constituent micronations and found that the three largest micronations by that measure are the Grand Commonwealth, Attera, and Shireroth.

The reduction in Shireroth’s status as the largest micronation on the world map caused Shireroth founder, and Micronational Cartography Society co-founder, Erik Metzler to level the accusation that the Grand Commonwealth is the largest because the Society’s staff is currently all high ranking members of that micronation. The accusation is reminiscent of Metzler’s reign over the Society which saw Shireroth’s territory balloon out of control; the recent accusation merely goes to prove the old adage “what goes around comes around.”

While the results of the survey were widely appreciated and found to be of interest to the micronational community, including those who personally detest the use of fictional maps as a part of the hobby, one concern voiced by John Darcy of Anthelia was that the study may not be accurate given that the projection of the “planet” onto a rectangular map causes some discrepancies in the scale used in the survey. Dusch noted that due to limitations on the accuracy of currently available maps of the “planet”, such a discrepancy is difficult to guard against.

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