Micronationalists Possess Range of Education

The Micronations 2007 Survey, conducted by the Coprieta Standard at the end of May this year, indicates varied education levels throughout the population with a considerable portion possessing a high school diploma or less, and a clustered macronational population. The results are the first to be released from the survey, with additional information expected to be released throughout this month.

The survey found that, from seventy-one respondents, that 28.1% had less than a high school diploma, while 18.3% possessed only a diploma at the time of the survey. A large number of respondents, 47.8%, reported that they are currently undertaking a college or university degree, or have completed one. Four respondents possess a technical or vocational diploma.

The range of education levels is not surprising considering the age distribution of the community. An overwhelming 70.4% of respondents are twenty-five years old or younger. This is in line with comparable education levels (71.9% have less than a post-secondary degree or diploma) associated with the age group. The community’s population is not limited to the younger group – 12.7% of respondents are over forty-one years old.

In terms of macronational location, a significant clustering was evident with 94.3% of respondents residing in North America (53.5%) or Europe (40.8%). At least one respondent resided on every continent with the exception of Africa and Antarctica. As expected with the clustering of the population in predominantly English areas of the globe, 95.8% reported that language as their identifiable language group.

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