Minor Stories: September 15/2000

-ChasJ and Diga Makonnen IV of Alteria and the Rasinate, respectively, have set up military bases in each other’s countries.

-Albert DeRossa of Blackrock is on trial for leaking sensitive state secrets to the Purple Bunny Federation

-Eoin Dornan of Blackrock has been given the title of Official Prejudgicat, but no one has the slightest idea what it means. If you can help, contact him at funkywombat@audentior.zzn.com.

-Bill Dusch of Aeronesia has completed his report on a fantasy based history of micronations and is now attempting to get the coveted Chief of Staff position.

-UEC of Aeronesia was found guilty in a trial of spamming and general disruption, but no penalties have been carried out due to protests.

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